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The Red Kite Radio Voice Box

The Voice Box is your quick and easy way to get on Red Kite Radio.

Use the Voice Box to publicise an event or charity, tell people your club news, advertise a fete, report a lost pet or air your views.

The Voice Box uses the built in microphone on your PC, Mac and smartphone to record a message which is dispatched to our studios for broadcast.

If you belong to a local organisation the number of ways you can use the Voice Box are limitless:

  • Tell us about your upcoming fete or jumble sale
  • Do you need volunteers? Make your appeal via the Voice Box
  • If a student wins an award, record a congratulatory message
  • Celebrate your sporting success on the footy field, leave your results on the Voice Box
  • Has someone come to your aid or helped you out? Use the Voice Box to say thank you

Important things to remember before recording...

The 5 Ws

  1. WHO? - Always start your message with your first name and your organisation

For example: “I’m George from the Haddenham Beer Festivals Trust…”


“I’m Mark from Thame Baseball Club…”

2. WHAT? - What is your event or What is it you want to talk about? What are you raising money for?

3. WHERE? - Where is your event taking place? or where did this happen?

4.  WHEN? - When is it taking place or when did it take place?

5. WHY? - Why are you doing this? What is the aim of the event?

Other important points…

  • If you’re appealing for help or need a response, please give at least one point of contact
  • Email or website addresses are best
  • If you have a phone number please bear in mind it will be broadcast
  • Give only a maximum of two contact points
  • If you give a web address, you don’t need to give the www. At Red Kite Radio we promote our own website as redkiteradio.com NOT www.redkiteradio.com

To record your message click the start recording button below.

Technical Help

Android phones record audio using the direct link on this page. In some cases you may need to give our software access to your microphone by opening Settings followed by Site Settings.

Iphone (IOS) does not allow browsers to access microphones. You will need to download the free SpeakPipe app which can be found here. Once downloaded return to this page and click the link above.

If you have any questions please contact our team voicebox@redkiteradio.com


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