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Our Opening day Celebration Cake Our Opening day Celebration Cake

Our First Year


Yes, on Sunday 18th June 2017, Red Kite Radio began broadcasting officially for the first time. We have been on air for ONE YEAR today. Join us with celebrations and competitions. 

Here are some stories about why we volunteers love working in radio and some pics from those early days.

Pete Simester

Having spent over ten years broadcasting to Bucks and Oxon on both Mix 96 and Fox FM, I jumped at the chance to become part of the group that bid for a community radio licence for Thame, Haddenham and the surrounding villages. We won a five year licence from Ofcom and now we are celebrating Red Kite Radio’s first birthday. Congratulations to our very dedicated team and thanks to our advertisers, supporters and most importantly our Red Kite Radio listeners.

Howard Bond

As a resident of Thame for some 25 years now, I was delighted to hear that the town was to get its own dedicated radio station broadcasting on high quality FM stereo.
I wanted to get involved with Red Kite Radio as a way of giving something back to the community where I live. There is so much happening in Thame and so much worth shouting about

Chas Large

As a Teenager I dreamed of being a Radio DJ but never got further than dreaming until I heard about Red Kite Radio just after its launch in 2017. Living in Chinnor my wife and I visit the garden centre often. We called in one day and I happened to notice the mast in the corner. Leaving the wife to look for - yet more - plants for the garden, I wandered over to have a looksee, went into the cabin, met Simon, the DJ - sorry Presenter, DJ is so old hat - at the time, introduced myself and asked if I could help with the IT, as that's what I had done before I retired. Some time later I was invited to meet other members of the team, received emails about what I could do and within weeks was producing the Takeover Show and dealing with the equipment. I realised my dream had finally come true. I've produced and presented many shows this past year and love doing everything I can.

Steve Fox

I had always wanted to return to radio presenting having done my bit in the late 70’s up in Manchester when life was still free and I had some hair. 

I love being involved with Red Kite Radio, there is a real adrenalin rush 15 minutes before a live show starts, so much different than using VT. And that rush stays there until I leave at the end of the show, often kicking myself for the stupid mistakes I’d made. But that’s life and you don’t improve until you recognise that. I do love meeting people. I love the interaction and although you never know who is tuned in at a particular time I know my listener and it’s to her that I talk each week. I know what she looks like and what she’s doing whilst listening to the show. It’s time to give back. I know that’s very glib. But it’s true. I’ve had a pretty successful life and been lucky enough to get breaks most of the time. For me to give four or so hours a week back to the community I live in is no hardship. And I really do enjoy it

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  • We are your new community radio station in Thame, Haddenham and the surrounding villages...

    Based in the grounds of Haddenham Garden Centre, we've been on air since June 2017. A not-for-profit organisation, our remit is to serve the community with Classic Hits from the 60’s to today, News and Information. We are funded by Advertising and Sponsorship.


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Red Kite Radio. c/o Haddenham Garden Centre, 121 Stanbridge Road, Haddenham,
01844 299107
Mobile: 07599 789176

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  • It’s great that Thame has its own local radio station