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The VoiceBox‍‍‍‍‍‍..‍‍‍‍‍‍

Use the microphone in yor device to tell Thame, Haddenham & the villages about your group, charity or event.

The Red Kite Radio Voice Box

The Voice Box is your quick and easy way to get on Red Kite Radio.

Use the Voice Box to publicise an event or charity, tell people your club news, advertise a fete, report a lost pet or air your views.

The Voice Box uses the built in microphone on your PC, Mac and smartphone to record a message which is dispatched to our studios for broadcast.

If you belong to a local organisation the number of ways you can use the Voice Box are limitless:

  • Tell us about your upcoming fete or jumble sale
  • Do you need volunteers? Make your appeal via the Voice Box
  • If a student wins an award, record a congratulatory message
  • Celebrate your sporting success on the footy field, leave your results on the Voice Box
  • Has someone come to your aid or helped you out? Use the Voice Box to say thank you

Important things to remember before recording...

The 5 Ws

  1. WHO? - Always start your message with your first name and your organisation
    For example: “I’m George from the Haddenham Beer Festivals Trust…”
    “I’m Mark from Thame Baseball Club…”
  2. WHAT? - What is your event or What is it you want to talk about? What are you raising money for?
  3. WHERE? - Where is your event taking place? or where did this happen?
  4. WHEN? - When is it taking place or when did it take place?
  5. WHY? - Why are you doing this? What is the aim of the event?

  • Other important points…
  • If you’re appealing for help or need a response, please give at least one point of contact
  • Email or website addresses are best
  • If you have a phone number please bear in mind it will be broadcast
  • Give only a maximum of two contact points
  • If you give a web address, you don’t need to give the www. At Red Kite Radio we promote our own website as NOT

To record your message click the Start recording button below.

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  • Cameron Branston


    20 MAMILs cycle from Paris to Bordeaux for Charity

    12 April 2018

    A group of 20 residents from Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire are preparing to cycle from Paris to Bordeaux. The team began their charity fundraising last year by cycling from Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire to Paris in three days and raised over £28,500. This year the team will start at the Eiffel Tower 2nd May, where they finished last year and cycle some 400 miles to Bordeaux in 4 days on 5th May.

    The ambitious amateur cyclists are currently fundraising to support three charities that many of the team have close personal links with:

    • Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital
    • St David’s Hospice Care
    • Pink Ribbon Foundation

    John Bercow MP for Buckingham said, “I am delighted to commend those taking part in this gruelling challenge for such a worthy cause. I hugely admire their efforts. I wish them the best of luck as they complete their journey”.

    The team hopes to raise over £20,000 and having already raised over £7,000 to date.

    Team Members
    Alex Koch de Gooreynd
    Sam Hassan
    Neil Lawrence
    Sam Orwin
    Hugh Anderson
    Steve Hamilton
    Simon Deakin
    Jon Ghazi
    Joel Peters
    Sean Elkins
    Matt Keagan
    Jon Maddison
    Rupert Cooper
    Jon Roberts
    Cameron Branston
    Jeremy Rodale
    Duncan Moss
    Chris Horne
    Rhodri Shaw
    Andy Robinson

    Journey to Bordeaux
    The MAMILs are set to depart from Eiffel Tower at 9:00 am on 2nd May cycling 80 miles to Orléans by 3:00 pm.

    On day two, the team faces a challenging day of cycling 121 miles to Châtellerault. While day three will see the team cycle 102 miles from Châtellerault to Cognac. The final fourth day has the triumphant arrival into Bordeaux with a 20 strong peloton at Place de la Bourse, Quai du Maréchal.

    The amateur cyclists range in age from 41 to 52. Capitalising on their passion for cycling while contributing to good causes that have helped many of the cyclist’s families; the group have sought to make the journey an annual affair. In addition to being Dads and working full time in high-pressured jobs not to mention the recent weather has made finding time for the lengthy weekend training rides challenging.

    The idea started with Long Crendon residents Alex Koch de Gooreynd and Sam Hassan, both of whom wanted to be able to cycle from Long Crendon village, initially to Paris and beyond. Commenting on the success of last year’s ride, Alex said, “last year’s success has spurred us on to push ourselves to cycle further afield. This is a fantastic team that sought to take on this challenge”.

    Amateur cyclist Sam Orwin commented: “I undertook this cycle challenge last year to fundraise for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital (GOSH) following my daughter’s spinal surgery and St David’s Hospice Care, a cancer hospice, who were providing palliative care for my twin brother. Thanks to the generosity of many well-wishers, we raised a staggering £28,500”.

    Sadly, my twin brother passed away just before Christmas following my daughter’s second round of surgery at GOSH. We have undertaken to ride further this year to fundraise for these incredible charities and for those who rely on them. Since we returned from Paris two of our team members partners’ were diagnosed with breast cancer, so we are also fundraising for the Pink Ribbon Foundation, which provides grant funding for breast cancer hospices and research.

    I have seen first-hand the palliative care offered by St David’s to its patients and their families as they battle life threatening conditions and the lifeline they offer families during these difficult times. Such hospices are vital to the dignity of patients and choices faced by families living with terminal conditions and they can only continue this work with our support”.

    Link to Virgin Money Giving page

    For more information, please contact:
    Cameron Branston -, 07961 692 632

    Cameron Branston Wednesday, 18 April 2018 15:35 Comment Link
  • Luke Page

    Hi I live in the area and listen to the station all the time! Was just getting in contact as I'm in a band and was wondering weather you'd have some space to play some local music on your station. we (Nightjar) are a young female fronted trio who play all originals. If you'd like to know more about us I'll leave some links to our music and social media below.


    Thanks and keep up the good work,


    Luke Page Saturday, 16 December 2017 21:49 Comment Link

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